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have an iphone 4s or iphone5?
then be sure to read this one carefully...


how are you?!?

if you read our last newsletter - some time ago sorry - you'll know we said the annual comp may take a fallow year in 2013

then we didn't clarify as we went into a holding pattern waiting for some things to materialise that would have seen us offer the competition with a twist for 2013... sorry again!

the fallow year was so that we can work on some exciting new developments

one of which is an app


it's going to be a digital alternative to straight 8 applying the straight 8 ethos to making an in-camera film on your iphone

RIGHT NOW we are looking for 40 people anywhere in the world to give the beta build of the app a real bashing... in the coming days

you'd need an iphone 4s or iphone5 and some time over the next few days to use the app so that your device can send us data about how the app is performing

this will help us kill final bugs

the films won't go public, this time it is all about quantity not quality!!  since the more it's used the more we will learn

there will be some small, fun incentives - details to follow

so please let us know asap if you'd be up for it by clicking here

it's first come first served so don't delay

(we reserve the right to select the team and total confidentiality will be expected of course)

hoping to hear from you

straight 8


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