straight 8 2011 trailer

check out the updated straight 8 2011 trailer here:

edgar wright picks straight 8 film of the month on shooting people

each month, shooting people hold an online film competition. you upload your short and they are all viewed and rated by the community, creating a leaderboard. the three films at the top after a month are sent to one of shooting people's high-profile judges, who gives a personal review of each, and chooses the film of the month

we teamed up with shooting people for a special edition: straight 8 films only and secured top movie director and straight 8 veteran, edgar wright (shaun of the dead, scott pilgrim vs. the world) to judge your films

edgar made his first super 8 epic at age 14 with 'rolf harris saves the world', a comedy about a super-agent version of entertainer rolf harris played by a friend with a slight passing resemblance, who fights terrorists. in 2001 he dusted off his super 8 camera to make straight 8 classic, forced hilarity

check out the top three films and see edgar's decision here:

big thanks to edgar and congratulations to the winners

straight 8 filmstock guide - online now

when you enter straight 8 2011 you get to pick from any of kodak's four awesome & very different super 8 filmstocks

your choice will have a really big effect on the look and feel of your finished film. especially since you can't edit, grade or do any post production on it

to help you decide, we've knocked together the straight 8 filmstock guide with a lowdown on each of the films

check it out here:


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