more screenings than ever before

we've had a mad few weeks with an unprecedented array of screenings showcasing the brilliant straight 8 2010 crop, as well as some of the best entries from the last decade

we showed films two at a time with audio on switchable headsets at the staight 8 retrospective2 in the prestigious ICA cinema in london

it was an intensely enjoyable and unusual experience. we chose the film pairings for maximum impact and oddity...
watching a shocking and dark film about a man with a perversion that makes him want to eat parts of his own body preferably served by prostitutes (damnation), while hearing from outside your headphones the other half the cinema roaring with laughter at julia davis and rich fulcher frolicking in their 2008 fetishistic straight 8 caper (black whispers in an elephant sky), was plain bonkers and totally ace. whew. and that was just one of 21 pairs of films
not if... but when we do this again, don't miss it. we won't

thanks to ace straight8ers jim owen and nick scott who teamed up to experiment with the first 16mm 'straight 8' which we showed without anyone - not them OR us - ever having seen! all gr8 fun
huge thanks to 750 audio post production who made the arty audio mayhem possible and to rushes and soho shorts as ever

also at the fabulous rushes soho shorts fest:
the best straight 8 films of 2010 premiered over 3 electric nights in the beautiful curzon mayfair and renoir cinemas
the crowd was on fire with the usual blend of terror & euphoria as the filmmakers and their crews saw their work for the first time ever

we jetted to spain as the official short film partner of the FIB international short film festival, a fantastic short film fest that runs alongside benicassim music festival. we screened three programmes over three days

and we showed a straight 8 selection, including another premiere, in new york with new filmmakers
thanks to them for having us and to gr8 str8 8er andy basore (a.k.a. andrewjive, director of 'scrap paper' in 2008) for introducing the show

there are still more amazing screenings to look forward to. we'll announce them as soon as dates are confirmed

next up, rome- see the events page for details


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