straight 8 offers you slamdance

for the first time ever we're having a full-blown premiere screening in the US of A

and it couldn't be at a better festival

we're collaborating with slamdance film fest to premiere some of the best straight 8 2011 entries at this legendary independent film festival in utah, january 2011

check out the trailer here:
the theme of this year's slamdance is "all is not lost" which fits perfectly with the straight 8 ethos: one super 8 cartridge, no editing. the straight 8/slamdance jury will keep it in mind when selecting the films

to be eligible for slamdance, just enter straight 8 2011 at before december 6th and get your film back to us by december 13th

all films submitted will be part of straight 8 2011 as a whole, and so could also be screened at cannes film festival, london and more. a later deadline for all other screenings will still apply for those whocan't make the slamdance deadline

thanks to kodak, who are supplying us with 4 incredible super 8 stocks, 2 of which are brand new for this year- you can choose from: vision2 200t or 500t colour negative, ektachrome 100d or tri-x black & white

and to soho film lab for their super-fast processing and telecine

so are you up for it? making whatever the hell film you want and knowing it could well show at slamdance or cannes or one of our other packed screenings in london and beyond....

pressure's on. all that freedom....

what's a film-maker to do?

film. that's what

come on. let's do it

see you in utah, cannes..

final call for straight 8 at doc/fest

last chance to enter our documentary event at sheffield documentary festival

we're showing all the entries, so make a doc about whatever you want and you'll see it premiere in a packed cinema at a great festival.

the deadline for completed films to be returned to us in london is monday 25th october at noon.

the facebook event is here and you can enter on our events page


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