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how are you?

here's a little update from shed-quarters

we have been quiet but we've been busy with two major new developments which we're still working on...


we are attempting to make the first straight 8 feature film, working with an adaptation of a known story of 30 chapters with 30 x brilliant past straight8ers (not all selected yet) taking a cartridge each to make a feature length film together.  we'll need some luck and a following wind but we reckon we can do it

the idea is for the feature film to become an annual or bi-annual event, each time selecting directors from the growing pool of past straight8ers succeeding in the comp

what do you think?


it's not an app to make your iphone shoot like a super 8 camera.  we've all got them, right?  and they're gr8 - but not as good as shooting on the real thing :)


this is going to be a digital alternative to straight 8.  (note: we didn't say 'replacement' there)

the idea is to take the ethos/rules of straight 8 and apply them, or some of them, to the 'everyman' cameras of today, with some twists and developments (no pun intended)

it'll be free to download and use with some paid for optional extras.  initially it's for making films at will and seeing / sharing them when you like.  then some time after launch we want to release a competition version - and then things will get really interesting!

check it all out in detail in our kickstarter campaign:

we need help to finish the app in stunning form ready for launch - so please help us spread the word


so you might be wondering what's happening to straight 8 2013 - when's it opening, IS it opening?

there's a possibility that 2013 may be a 'fallow year' for the annual straight 8 competition.  we just completed 10 consecutive years of premiering at cannes and it all started in 1999.  glastonbury gives the land and area around it a fallow year one in five, a quick wikipedia search tells us the old testament says to give a fallow year every seven years.  so being straight 8, ours should be given every 8 years

nothing is confirmed but we won't be announcing, either way, before the end of the year

good to know if you don't already, that until recent years, we'd only open for entry in january / february anyway.  we then brought it earlier and earlier to allow people to use the summer

and the original straight 8 allowed just 4 weeks - there was no chance to procrastinate, you were in or you were out

we're not ruling out something like this for 2013 and we really want to hear your views.  and your news

so please drop us a line

very best

straight 8


Blogger Matthew Rose said...

I have gone and got my hands on a straight 8 camera after years of wanting to do this but not having the time, ready for this year. For this reason alone I think you should discard this 'fallow year' idea. There are probably other good reasons too. So yeah, don't do that.

December 10, 2012 at 2:06 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

For God's sake don't do a 'fallow year' 2013 in 4 weeks and like you said- 'you are in or your are out'.

I am in. Are you?

December 27, 2012 at 8:45 AM  

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