straight 8 2012 open now - discount entry

straight 8 2012 is open now!

entry will be available for the special rate of £50 for just one week

cannes film festival 2012 + slamdance 2012 premieres already confirmed - more to come

anyone, anywhere can enter

if you've got a film in you, we want to see it

so if you're feeling inspired, now's the time to go for it - that's what it's all about

enter using the appropriate button below - you can enter now and choose your filmstock later (just choose any of the stocks and email to let us know not to send it yet!)

if you need some help to make up your mind check out our guide at


film type for your s8 2010 entry

rest of the world:

film type for your s8 2010 entry

straight 8 2011 cannes results + trailer

we received an awesome 115 entries to straight 8 2011.

see them all here:


announcing: the straight 8 2011 cannes film festival selection (alphabetical)

from russia with monsters - cut & paste

gothic enchantment - paul walkingshaw

misty's second movie - benjamin scrimgeour

once in a tube - michael carstens

rouge amour - kezia barnett

wonderful, terrible thing - nick carew

worth a journey - ken hagen takenaka, jens groger

a zombie claymation - lee hardcastle

the standard of films this year was incredibly high - so massive congratulations to the selected filmmakers

tickets for the screening are very limited only available from
more details on our events page

stay tuned for more results announced next week


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