2x straight 8ers receive hollywood awards

massive congratulations to the two young straight 8ers whose films won awards in the the hollywood international family film festival

they are: harvey griffin for “going up” and hannah turner for “man from the moon”

the films were made as part of goole straight 8 - a 6 month film project for young people held at junction, in goole, yorkshire

check out their films here:

there's still (just) time to enter straight 8 2012 at

straight 8 2012 cannes advertising fest screening announced

we’re back at cannes advertising festival for the 6th consecutive year

showing the best of the 2012 crop made by people from ad-land

plus the very best films of the year, fresh from their 10th annual premiere at cannes film festival.

it’s happening on fri 22nd june 2011 at the star cinema, 98 rue d’antibes.

doors: 11.30am. screening: noon.

straight 8 2012 is open now, at

the deadline for completed films has been extended to midnight on april 11th

so you can still enter and see your film for the first time in packed cinema…

… in cannes

deadline extension + HD scans

we've teamed up with pro8mm in burbank, california to process and HD scan the films for straight 8 2012

and because they're going to do them FAST, we are able to extend the deadline for straight 8 2012.

your exposed, unprocessed cartridge must be with us in london by midnight, april 11th

so you've got just under a month left to make a film - time enough to make it amazing - and you can use the easter weekend to shoot

the deadline for soundtracks is april 18th

final worlwide entry dates are below

remember... we send you the cartridge you film on and you can only enter at

pro8mm are going to transfer the films using their state of the art cintel millennium II film scanner

we almost never bang on about techie stuff, but the level of detail that they get from a tiny super 8mm frame is amazing

the whole crop of films from straight 8 2012 will be in beautiful, 1080p HD

meaning we're even more excited about watching -and making- them than usual

straight 8 is seeking...


we are excited to be working with past straight8ers paul and joe from widebeam digital on our forthcoming app

now we are looking for a straight 8er who's a gr8 graphic designer to work with us all on it

it is paid and will make you rich in many senses, but not monetarily

app knowledge useful but not essential

please email us if it could be you - or feel free to pass this on


we are looking for someone to sound-lay the new crop of straight 8 films in april - dates tbc

this would mean working in final cut pro on your own mac and lining up each soundtrack with the first frame of each film

it's a volunteer position

the upside is: you'll get a sneak preview of the 2012 crop - you'll be one of only three people in the whole world to have seen them at that point

the down side is: when you finish we will have to kill you

oh - and you can't have entered straight 8 2012 - for obvious reasons!

interested? please email us

thanks all

ps - straight 8 2012 is still open to enter, details here


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