new york new filmmakers screening

hurray! we're showing a selection of the greatest straight 8 films ever in new york as part of the new filmmakers series

when: wednesday 4th august 2010, 6pm
where: anthology film archives on the lower east side at 32 second avenue & 2nd street, new york

they'll be screening alongside a series of documentary's & feature film 'the party'

entry is just $6

a full list of what we'll be showing will be released shortly

more information at:

2010 london programmes announced

more than 50 incredible films will be unveiled for the first time ever at rushes' soho shorts festival on the 26th, 27th and 28th july

and we're showing all 8 of our cannes film festival selection every night:

carrots & spaghetti - mooch & dave

eli - leanne flinn

red hat - davide pellegrino

the invention - rob oldfield

those dreams that on the silent night intrude
the secret cinema of jerzy treblinka - luca gennari

twice upon a time - will & george

une de perdue - lee hardcastle (warm up film)

zombeef - darren walsh

details of all the premieres below (in alphabetical order)

tickets are on sale now at:

these events do sell out, so grab them while you can

monday 26th july, 6.30pm, the curzon mayfair

back on track - mill goble

colin's collection countdown - dave johnston

deadline - hunt rothwell

dinner - vickie ager & nick flugge

emohunt - billy rodgers

gnomotozed - sarah thom

happy trails - corlin stubbs

help wanted - paul olding

live - toryn westcott

music of love - mustafa boga

my dearest judith - dennis seavey-windsinger

punchline - joseph kockaya

self-help - paul glazier

the dying light - andrew niven

the lost tapes of pete albacore - thomas gleeson & pip walls

the one where the girl loses a shoe - abbie lucas

the tell - kieran humphries

thinktank - mj smith & craig ennis

tryin - craig lakin ennis, mj smith & danny alder

vignettes - andrew panatti

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tuesday 27th july, 6.30pm, the renoir

12 pies for 12 bridges - sell! sell!

alive again - victoria rudling

alpha, beta et gamma - chris hinojosa

die spree 2010 - ingeborg metelmann

jon's super-rad movie - jon lloyd

life is beautiful - ken hagen takenaka

lumen lucy - sarah bick

magpie - nick lumb

matter of the heart - paul jones

my dog - ed kaye & alex mavor

picture this - sam rowland

royal jelly - steffen kramer & marc holtbecker

sleeping lions - oliver crowther

the desire machine - marlio da silva

the dessert society - marta besevic

the largest zoom in the world - alejandro argüelles benítez

the journey - dorian dixon

the naked animator - charlie blackfield

undead - christopher pumphrey

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wednesday 28th july, 6.30pm, the curzon mayfair

2d dreams - rachel rayns

a view from a roof - tobias koppe

aegis - john lynton

carlton breezy - joel byron & the helmholtz resonators

delineate - marco pezzano & alessandro buggio

domino! - rory mathieson

empress - erica luke

go to the zoo - dan & ivor

green wash - chris denton, lindsay de sausmarez & lou fletcher

london wakes - david anstee

misty's first film - benjamin scrimgeour

my grandad says he's building a spaceship in his shed - martin gooch

spais - lori macgregor & matt layzell

speakers - nick scott

the actress who fell in love with herself - martin gooch

the shelter - steve dexter

the shuttle's last discovery - scott newstead

unseen world - alex de castro & david franklin

we're on the floor - mark helyar

windows - open cinema filmmakers, with ruth cook

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